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Curae is a comprehensive and futuristic clinic & practice management software. It gives you :

Ease of writing,

Power of transcription and

Magic of AI, all in one product.

At Curae, we record, transcribe, digitize and analyze medical records in real time.

With the applied strength of AI, we aim to change the experience and increase the value of the operation of medical practitioners.

Why Curae

Curae means “beyond cure”;

We believe and stand by the fact that a doctor should have maximum time with the patient and the least time with processes.

All existing EHR & EMR systems force doctors to invest time in processes which is a glaring gap in the medical market.

With the growing need of Digital records and new Government Regulations, medical practitioners are forced to spend more time in documentation instead of providing the health care.

We aim to change this to reduce costs and have more time for real health care, while ensuring the impact on medical practitioners and patients to be minimal and healthy.

With Curae doctor still writes his prescriptions in the conventional way on Curae powered Tablets and the intuitive system of Curae does the rest of the job. The innovative system of Curae converts the hand written prescriptions into computer typed prescriptions in real time. Curae does not stop at digitizing; the power of our system lies in real time transcription which sets us apart from any other solution available. Curae provides Electronic Medical Records, Prescription Management, OPD Billing, Inventory Management, Digital Vaccination/Immunization Charts, Diagnostic Reports Management and a lot of other related features that makes it the most compressive solution available.


  • Hand Written Digital Prescription
  • Real-time Transcription
  • Digital Vaccination Chart
  • Appointments & Reminders
  • Personal Health Records
  • Clinic Management Solution

Data Driven


Powered By AI


Vinod is an entrepreneur in medical equipment business with solid experience in media; communications & relationships with both governmental and private organizations. He has decade of experience in finance, marketing and have worked for both government and large private entities before opening his own business of medical equipments and consumables.
His personal passion to make things better for all human beings and a firsthand experience in medical industry have made him found Curae, with a strong belief in technology to drive the innovation. He wants to use technology & data to make health care delivery as real-time as practically possible, while ensuring the broad reach.
Vinod has MS in Marketing & Finance management, and BS in Commerce with multi state K-12 education.
Nimit Jain is a Co-Founder for Writemed Solutions, who is a modern day entrepreneur with decades of experience in the medical equipment industry. He is passionate to improve healthcare services towards better care & hospital management and believes technology is a key to make it happen.
He is a sales savvy individual in the medical industry with tie ups with leading international medical equipment companies like Teleflex, Medtronics, Dr.Mach etc., with a vision of a digital future formed through regular interactions with medical professionals, doctors, senior management employees in public and private hospitals. He has developed direct 1-1 relationship with National and Regional level managers for a sustainable sales position along with highest customer satisfaction.
His aspiration to cater to a niche part of the medical technologies industry was created due to the experiences and a strong well rooted family business in the pharmaceutical distribution industry spanning over 40 years.
Nimit holds MBA in International Business, Masters In Marketing and Bachelors In Commerce.
Paresh is a technologist, a data scientist and an entrepreneur with two decades of industry experience. He has built large scale technology platforms for various global financial institutions. He has spent his career into research, data & analytics leveraging advance stats & machine learning algorithms, since the start of his career. He has led development of research platforms with best in the industry digital distribution capabilities.
Paresh’s passion is to bring positive change in society by leveraging technology & data. He wants to ensure the reliability of data & platforms at the time of usage; at a given time slice while ensuring the simplicity of creation, consumption & persistence. He is an introvert and draws energy utilizing data towards new product & value creation. He strongly believes that in the world of IOT and high powered computing; identifying right data for right application will yield disruptive innovations.
For past several years, Paresh has been building his expertise in healthcare sector to leverage his strong & proven capabilities creating & leading global technology teams, distributed platforms, use of data towards value creation, creating new products working with clients and passionate learning of domains to apply best technology to create efficient solutions maximizing ROI and reducing costs.
Paresh has been engaged in philanthropy of intelligence and has mentored many startups since 2001 in various capacity.
Paresh carries Bachelors of engineering and Masters in Computer Science.
Piyush Agarwal is a data scientist and a quantitative researcher; with over 20 years of experience with various reputable tech and finance companies, including IBM, Lehman Brothers, Nomura and Barclays. Prior to joining Auronia, he was Director, Equities at Global Markets Mumbai (Barclays) managing Structuring and Electronic Trading teams. He has worked in analytics and research at Lehman and Nomura and carries experience working with US startups.
Piyush loves playing various sports and has taken part in various marathons.
Piyush is a Director of Research at Auronia and holds M.S. in Computer Science from University of New Haven, CT USA. He has MBA (Finance) from ISB, Hyderabad and holds a B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from IIT Kanpur.

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